Transport and Directions to and from Grenada Airport

How to get to Grenada Airport?

Grenada Airport is only 8 km away from St. George’s, the capital of the island which is why it’s very quick and simple to reach it by bus, taxi or a hired car.

Considering the small distance between the Grenada Airport and the capital, the majority of tourists prefer to take the taxi instead of the bus especially if they have brought a lot of luggage with them in Grenada.

Where is Grenada Island?

Grenada is an island country located in the Eastern Carribean. It is the largest of three islands Grenada, Carriacou and Martinique.

Map of Grenada

Grenada Island Map | Image Source: Posterlounge

Airport transportation to Grenada by Taxi

The taxi service in Grenada is safe and well organized. All the official vehicles provided by Grenada Airport have identification numbers that start with the letter “H”.

Grenada Taxis

Taxi Associations

There are two main taxi associations that can be contacted.

  • Grenada Airport Taxi Association – phone: (473) 444-4925 and
  • Progressive Airport Association – phone: (473) 444-4040).

All taxi fares are fixed and the approximate cost for a ride from the Grenada Airport to the city of St. George’s is $30. (East Caribbean dollars).

Rent a car at The Airport

You are able to hire a car directly from the Grenada Airport, using the services of companies that have open offices at the terminal.

This kind of transportation is recommended in Grenada because it is a small island and you will be able to reach all the places that you want to see without the stress of getting on and off a bus or trying to get a hold of a taxi.

Grenada Airport Local / Commercial Transport

At Grenada Airport, you are able to take a bus from the terminal but the tourists who have visited this island before recommend that you use another form of transportation because the bus isn’t reliable when it comes to its schedule.

All buses leave from Melville Street outside the terminal to several directions and a complete bus route map can be found here: