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Rent a Car at Grenada Airport

In Grenada, driving is done on the left side of the road and it’s important to know a lot of the roads are sharply curved which is dangerous for an inexperienced driver. You should start driving in Grenada after you check if you have a map or a GPS system installed to make sure that you won’t get lost.

However, the island isn’t very large and it’s not that easy to get lost while you’re getting around. Even if you do, the locals are very friendly and you can ask them for directions.

Before you decide on using car hire services in Grenada, you should know that you have to be at least 25 years old to be allowed to rent a car in Grenada.

In addition to this, you legally need to have a Grenada driving license in order to drive a car in the “Spice Isle” and if the car rental company doesn’t provide you with one directly, you can obtain one by going to the police station and paying $30 (Eastern Caribbean dollars) for it.

Car Rentals in Grenada

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Car Rental Grenada is recommended on this island because there are several beaches and other places that are hard to be reached in another way. When you arrive at the Grenada Airport, you will be able to rent a car directly from there.

You will find several trusted Car Rental Grenada companies that have offices at the airport, such as Roc Rentals, Y&R Car Rentals and Archie Auto Rentals.

Car Rental Prices in Island

Financially, it’s also better to rent a car for a longer amount of time because the rates for the car hire will be lower. The minimum amount of days that car rentals can be secured for is three. The prices are also more expensive in the high season (July-August; December-April) than in the low season (April-July; September-November).

  • Roc Rentals – the rates vary between $50 and $65 for 3-6 days depending on the type of car you are going to hire: a manual car, an automatic car, a manual jeep or an automatic jeep.
  • Y&R Rentals have rates between $45 and $85 a day, also depending on which car model you decide on renting.
  • Archie Auto Rentals is a family based car rental company that provides clients not only with cars but also with mini vans that are available for renting. The prices for hiring a car from Archie Auto Rentals varies from $57 for a class B car (Toyota Corolla, 2 Door Jeeps) to $92 for an 8 passengers minivan.

For the cheapest car rental options you should  book your car hire online in advance. This way you will get the best deal and relax knowing your travel plans are sorted.

Roc Rentals Grenada

Grenada Airport
PO Box 242, St George’s, Grenada.
Tel: (473) 232-4786

Y&R Car Rentals

Grenada Airport
Telephone: (473) 444-4448
Fax: (473) 444-3639

Archie Auto Rentals

Tel: (473) 444 2535